Saturday, July 21, 2012

E Rex

E Rex- It's the perfect nickname for Ethan. Why?

  • he's destructive. If we go more than two hours without him breaking something it's only because I haven't found what he's broken yet
  • He's loud. I mean really loud. He even makes noises that sound like a dinosaur
  • It's a great play off his full name: Ethan Rex
  • He's constantly hurting someone (at least he doesn't bite)
He's also adorable and I love every little thing about him.
  • He holds his sippy cup up to his eye and walks around saying "shoot couch. shoot mommy. shoot door". whatever he points his sippy at he "shoots"
  • He swims by himself with help from his swim jacket. He takes a big breath, put his face under the water, flattens out, kicks super hard for about three seconds then pops up gasping for air.  All that effort moves him about 12 inches. But he loves it.
  • He sings like nobody's business. ABC's, Twinkle twinkle, itsy bitsy spider, wheels on the bus, all the kid classics. He also know some current songs like rock party anthem and every single song in either Cars movie.  And if he doesn't know the words he hums along. so cute.
  • He can count to ten and is always super excited when he gets to ten. You can tell because he screams it as loud as he possibly can.
  • He loves his "puppy" and takes it with him everywhere. It's the Leapfrog puppy named Scout that Grandma Hebdon got him. He really really loves that thing.
  • He loves shoes and hates clothes, which is fine with me. It that much less to wash.
  • He has such enthusiasm for everything he does. Everything is exciting and awesome to him. I love it!

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