Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Fun

So besides having babies and family visits we've been busy doing lots of other things too. We take lots of naps (or try to),
 made skittle bracelets (that's marker on Tawny's face, not bruises),
 fingerpaint (Ethan prefers his skin as his canvas),
 play in summer rain (Brayden and Tawny were so cute jumping in puddles together),

 (Ethan hated everything about it- the thunder, lightning and why there was water falling from the sky)

 (Brayden's boot got stuck)
 and lots of time hanging out with Maddie during her playtime, which usually ends with all the kids mauling Maddie and her crying.

We also swim nearly every day. I very rarely get pictures because I'm out there all alone with the three oldest and don't dare take my camera. Last night we swam after dark. The kids think swimming in the dark with the pool lights on is so cool. This time they each got a few glow stick, which they really loved.

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