Sunday, November 11, 2012

First of October in Photos

I was feeding Maddie upstairs and getting her ready for a nap. I knew the kids where up to no good because it was sooo quiet. This is what I found downstairs in my kitchen. Two very happy, very dirty little kids. They were pretty much done and so completely happy that I even let them finish it.
 In this picture I asked Ethan what he was eating? His answer was a very enthusiastic "ICE CREAM!!!"

Tawny got her first real head wound at the beginning of October. I was cooking dinner and the kids were all playing in the playroom. Ethan was going through this phase where he threw everything. He hit her in the head with the metal edge of a tractor and immediately she started crying. She ran into the kitchen to tell me all about it, which happens at least 10 times a day. I was only half paying attention at first and was about to tell her she was fine and to go play, when I looked up and saw that there was blood running from her head all the way down her arm and dripping off her elbow.  It took quite a while to get it to stop bleeding. Of course the actual cut was pretty small. But man it bled so much! My favorite part is when I told her it was bleeding. Her response was "I know. But don't worry. I was really careful and made sure it didn't get on my pretty dress." Ha! It's all about priorities right?

 This is Ethan's favorite spot to be while I'm cooking for two reasons. One, he gets to be around his favorite person (mommy) and two, he can score tons of fruit when I'm not looking.

Ethan isn't always trying to kill Maddie. Sometimes he is very sweet to her. I actually don't think he ever intentionally hurts her. He is just so rough and doesn't realize it. But the was a particularly sweet day. I think he "read" her about 10 books before she fell asleep. Then he covered her with about 50 cars. Like I said, the sweet moments are few and far between.

I threw a baby shower for Aunt Tawny who is due in November. Her husband Jason is in the Air Force so I got a few old uniforms from her and used the to make her a diaper bag. I replicated all the patches and pockets from the front of his shirt on the front flap on the messenger bag. It's the first diaper bag I've made, but I think it turned out pretty awesome. She loved it so that's all that really matters. (at least I think she did, but then again, what else is she going to say?)

 The baby shower went really great. It was good to see some people I haven't seen in a while and I and so excited for Tawny and Jason!
Tawny with her parents (David & Kellie)
 Tawny & Jason
 Me, Tawny & Linda
 "Big" Tawny and "Little" Tawny

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