Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Morning

Today is just one of those good days. The kids were playing outside and were so cute that I took a few candids. I also thought that some of the family hsan't seen Tawny in a while so I took a few video clips. She's not really doing anything particular, but she's cute all the same.


Bethanne said...

Great pictures...your kids seriously have the most contagious smiles I have ever seen. You just HAVE to smile when you seem them do it! What a great quality to have...and they seem to be growing up SO fast.

Clayton & Amber said...

Brayden and Tawny are so cute. I love the video clips. I just read about your scare with Brayden's asthma attack. That poor kid. It's amazing how happy and cute he seems all the time with the food allergies and now asthma. I don't know how you juggle it all Adena. You're awesome. Also, congrats on the potty training. I will need tips in future months! Can Brayden teach my Tyler?