Monday, April 28, 2008


  • Thank goodness for friends who call up just to say hi and you end up spending hours talking, shopping and eating lunch together. Thanks so much Melissa! How else could I have gotten out of cleaning my house today? What would I do without you?

  • What an awesome weekend we had with my family this weekend. We were all together for the first time in three years. With the river, games and more food than we knew what to do with, it was so much fun. Thanks mom and dad for a great weekend.

  • Brayden learned a great life lesson this weekend. My brothers and dad taught him how to pee outside, which according to them is a critical skill. Even more important, he learned not to look down when you do it unless you want to get shot in the face. (yes, he learned the hard way)

  • Tawny is crawling! She's not fast and her form isn't perfect but she's definitely getting around. If I turn my back for too long she'll get away for me. Looks like I'll be spending the rest of today baby-proofing the house.

  • Tawny also "ate" her first rib this past weekend. She was teething and wanted something to chew on, so of course her papa gave her a rib. It was just a bone with no meat, but she loved it.

And here's picture proof of our fun week:


Melissa said...

Having you come shopping with me was purely selfish on my part!! I didn't want to fold laundry. I could have folded it when I got home... but Em and I played instead. Then we watched some cartoons and did everything we could think of to NOT fold laundry. I could do it now, but I'm in the middle of important blogging ... um... stuff. :)
We'll have to shop again soon!
Your pictures are so fun... and the one of Brayden? CLASSIC!! You'll have to make sure and keep a copy of that one at all times so that you can show future girlfriends and such ;)

Bethanne said...

That is awesome! Both with the rib bone and peeing fact, I just saw a mother taking her kid near the woods (at the park) and allowing her son to do that. At first I about died (what if Leah saw his bare bottom like I saw?!)...but then I realized that Jackson was also going to learn how to do it someday. Oh well.

Xavier & Emily said...

Hey Adena! I found your blog on Bri's site. I'll have to send you an invite since ours is private (a pain, I know!). Your kids are getting cuter and cuter as they grow! So fun to be able to keep up!