Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend at the "Mountain Hotel"

We went to my parent's cabin this weekend and had so much fun. On the way there Brayden was very adamant that we were NOT going to the cabin. So I told him we were going to a mountain hotel and he was fine. Not sure what difference it made, but it mattered to him. We met up with my parents and my brother Austin. We were only there Saturday and Sunday morning, but we had so much fun!

Bryayden and his Papa

You can't really tell, but he is "playing" horseshoes. He's standing about a foot away from the post.
Also playing horseshoes
Roasting Marshmallows

As you can tell from the below video Tawny had her own special way to eat a marshmallow. This wasn't even close to the worst, but it's what I caught on video. Aren't we great parents for letting her eat it just so we could get it on tape? But seriously, what kid hasn't eaten her fair share of dirt?


Melissa said...

Tasty :) You and I need to switch places for a couple of weeks :) Although, you might not be willing to trade back! Not sure if you'd like the weather here right now. It's supposed to be 108 and we've had monsoon moisture - no rain, just humidity. Fun fun!

Bethanne said...

You guys look cold...yikes. I think I'll have to stay in Texas for that very reason...Very cute pictures. I love camp-outs, etc, and have not gone on one since Dan and I met! I guess deep down he is too high maintenance for me! hahahahaha