Sunday, November 11, 2012


We had Mande and Ian John's family over to decorate Halloween cookies this year. The kids had more fun doing it with a friend and so did I! Ethan's cookies were particularly impressive.

 The next day with did jack o lanterns with my parents. The kids got to design their pumpkin and "help "cut it out.

 Ethan did not love touching the guts.

 Funny faces!

 This year we chose a theme for out family. We are reading Indian and the Cupboard at bedtime so the kids thought it would be fun to all be cowboys and indians. So the boys were cowboys and the girls were indians. I made all the costumes and thought they turned out pretty good. Tawny's was the most challenging because she insisted that she had to be an indian princess with a tutu. It turned out okay. They wore them all day and didn't want to take them off for bed so I'd say they liked them. Ethan walked around most of the day saying "Yee-ha cowboy" and he loved that he matched his big brother.


Elaine said...

Great job on the costumes! You are so talented! Everyone looks awesome! Love ya all!

The Bruces said...

omg love the family theme! you guys look great.