Sunday, November 11, 2012

October Continued

I am coaching Tawny's cheer team this year and we're having so much fun together! These little girls are all so cute. And the best part is that we cheer for Brayden's football team.
 He loves his little sister!
 I wish this picture wasn't whited out because I love it.
Papa's birthday was at the beginning of October. Being the good Papa he is he let the kids help blow out his candle. Ethan get pretty excited about birthday cake, as you can obviously see.

 He also loves his Papa very much. It was a pretty great day for him- Papa and birthday cake all at once.
 After the candle had been blown out the kids wanted more so they blew out a few matches.
 I love this picture of them, minus the super shiny wrapping paper (which I'm pretty sure had either ponies or princesses on it)
 Another hair shot that Tawny wanted me to include. This is probably one of her favorites right now.
 Brayden enjoying some time with Maddie. He's very helpful with her and seems to enjoy playing with her. He is a huge help throughout the day, now that he's home because of homeschool (which he is loving by the way).
 Tawny wanted to get in on the fun too. I love how terrified Maddie looks. I bet she spends a good chunk of the day fearing for her life.
 This is a tote I made for a friend. A pretty simple design, but I love the fabric and was very careful about placing. I really love how it turned out. I think I may need to make myself a bag soon!

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