Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Day

We started Christmas Day upstairs in our room because that is where the fireplace is. We had to hang our stockings by it so Santa could come. Maddie was very confused with the entire day's proceedings. The other kids understood exactly what to do. Ethan was maybe a little too enthusiastic with the present opening. He kept opening other people's presents.

 Daddy got a .223 from the family, as well as a scope, case and tons of ammo. He was pretty excited. He got another rifle from my dad and I got a shotgun from him. I guess it was the year of weaponry for us!
 Ethan loved his sock monkey from Grandma Hebdon. He sleeps with it nearly every night and at nap time.
 We all loved the hats from Grandma and Grandpa Hebdon, except maybe Maddie. I think I might love them the most of all.!
 Maddie and her baby doll.
 The sock monkeys have magnetic hands and feet so Brayden quickly discovered all the interesting places he could hang it.
 After opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa Hebdon and our own presents at our house, we continued the festivities at my parents. Tawny got Grandma Terri a bracelet.

 Clint brought everyone back a gift from Australia. Th boys got matching outfits and Tawny got a purse. I got a really cool boomerang.
 Ethan loved his Chuck adventures toy from Grandma Sharlene. He even smiled for the picture which may have been the only time he did that day.
 Brayden and Tawny with just some of their loot. Spoiled much?

We spent the rest of Christmas shooting, playing games and eating. Most of my brothers had to leave the next day so things got quiet really fast.

Greg and my anniversary was two days after Christmas. We had planned to have my mom watch the kids and go to dinner, but our plans were changed for us. I ended up with an abscessed tooth and had to go out of town to a specialist for a root canal and crown. What a way to spend our anniversary huh? It wasn't all bad. When the dentist found out it was our anniversary, he numbed me just enough to take the pain away and sent me and Greg out for dinner before he did the root canal. I thought that was very kind, especially since he stuck around and didn't even start my root canal until 6:30pm. It was great to spend some alone time with Greg, even considering the circumstances.

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