Sunday, January 27, 2013

December Part 2

This year Christmas was extra special because all of my brother and their families were able to be here for Christmas. It was fun and so so crazy with so many people around. We played games, and really enjoyed one another's company. Clint got back from his mission and second week of December and my kids loved having their Uncle Clint around for a little while.

We did Christmas cookies and Papa was Ethan's helper this year. Ethan ended up with some very interesting cookies. They were very generously covered in frosting, sprinkles and candy. Some cookies even had three layers of frosting and candy. Papa is such a softie he just couldn't tell him no.

Brayden was much more interested in making silly faces than anything else. I got some pretty good ones.

 Mommy and Tawny hung out on the other side of the table where concentrated on the artistry behind cookie decorating (we ate all the candy before it even made it onto our cookies.) :)
 Grandma let the kids help cut the cookies. She is one brave woman!
 Even Maddie got to participate a little. While I wasn't looking Grandma gave her a little frosting. I think it's safe to say that she really loved it!
 I always intend to take a cute picture of the kids before church, but it never happens. In my defense, Greg has early meetings so I get the kids to church by myself for the most part. And usually we're fine and right on schedule until it's time to leave. Then Maddie poops, Ethan spills, Brayden loses his shoes and we end up rushing at the last minute. So this is the best I got. But they're so cute it doesn't really matter. You'll notice Ethan is missing in the pictures. If I would have panned out you would have seen him throwing a tantrum and rolling aound in the mud because I wouldn't let him run around in the parking lot.

Christmas Eve we had the kids open their pajamas present. This year they got slippers too. As usual, Ethan isn't cooperating, but at least he is in the background this time. Baby steps.

 Earlier that night we attempted to act out the story of Jesus' birth with the grandkids. It was....umm..... interesting. But they enjoyed it and seemed to retain a little of what was taught. Again, baby steps, right?

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