Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh So Busy....


Life is so busy right now! But then again , when isn't it? Greg is in Virignia this week, training for work. Once he finishes this round of training he should be promoted soon (in the next few months). We could be relocated pretty much anywhere, so watch out! we may be coming your way. Then yesterday I found out that I have to make an emergency work trip up to Utah next week. we are being audited and I need to be there. So Greg doesn't get back until late this Friday, and then I'll be gone from next Tuesday to Saturday. We'll make it work somehow. My mom will watch the kids for us. Just another time I am so grateful to have family close by. It definitely makes it easier to raise a family.

While Greg was gone this week I took the kids to Blythe to see my family. Brayden is having so much fun! There are some things you just miss out on when you don't grow up on a farm, so I'm glad he is getting to experience some of them. He "drove" his first tractor, touched his first frog, rode a horse, went for four-wheeler rides and so much more. Brayden loves meeting all my dad's workers and is particularly enamoured with our foreman, Rigo. Here's a conversation we had this morning:

Brayden: "Let's do something fun today"
Mom: "What's should we do?"
Brayden: "Ummm.....let's go see Rigo!"
Mom: "Should Papa take you for a ride in his truck and you can see Rigo?"
Brayden: "Umm. Nope. No truck with Papa, let's just see Rigo. We can drive tractors, eat food, take naps, talk.....what else should me and Rigo do Mom?"

It continued on but you get the idea. I wish I could see into his head for just a few minutes and follow his train of thought. Well, that's all for now. See the pics below. Also, as a forewarning, there may not be any posts for a while because of my traveling. I haven't forgotten and will be back when I can.
Brayden and Uncle Austin
Brayden said he was "putting Tawny in his pocket" as he put his arms around her.

Yet another "Tawny Burrito"

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Anonymous said...

You have the cutest kids! Tawny is so gorgeous! She looks a lot like Brayden did, only much "girlier!" You guys should come out our way! Is Greg still here? Would can feed him dinner if he'll drop by!