Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vegas Fun

Just a lot of pics, mostly for daddy since he can't be here right now. We love you and miss you!
Cowboy Up!
Tawny would play the piano for hours if we let her. She loves it!
Pool time in the back yard
To the right you see the elusive Grandma Sharlene. This particular species is particularly camera shy. We were lucky to get this shot.
Diving head first!
We took Brayden and Tawny to a local Museum. It went really well, until we got to the dinosaur exhibit. Brayden was a little scared, but trying to be brave. I kinda understand because these dinosaurs were huge. He wanted pics with them, which was fine by me. But right after the pics you see below with the triceratops, someone pushed a button that animated the T-Rex. He moved. He roared. He tried to eat Brayden. And Brayden completely lost it. If fact we didn't really get to finish the museum. There was a huge section on Africa, but he was so afraid the animals were going to come to life and eat him. No amount of explaining from mommy would change his mine. Oh-well. There's always next time.
He's showing his teeth, "just like the scary scary shark"

He loved this giraffe. it was sooo tall!

Sticking his tongue out like the dinosaur

Last shot before he lost it.Digging for bones, but still not too happy.

Brayden wanted a picture by the "icky house" but was too scared to do it alone.

After that we decided to go tot he mall. I bought the kids a few outfits (don't worry Greg, not too much). Brayden wanted to pick out something all by himself. So I let him and here's what he chose. It's a little on the bright side, but not as bad as it could have been. It'll make a great playground outfit. I'll always be able to find him!


Melissa said...

Looks like you're having a great time! You picked the perfect time to take off... we had a horrible wind storm here. They closed a bunch of roads and the dust was so thick that we couldn't see the houses at the end of our street!!

Adena and Greg said...

Thank you Honey. Those pictures are so sweet. I miss you guys too. I love you.

Bethanne said...

Such cute pictures! You are one tough cookie and such a great mom! :)

Jennifer said...

That Dinosaur museum looks like a lot of fun!!