Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sharing and Walking

Despite the formula fiasco everything is going really well. We're visiting Greg for a week or two in Corona, which means we're living in a hotel. But it's not too bad. The kids are being great and having so much fun. Not only that, but Tawny is walking. The video isn't too great but still so cute!

Brayden introducing Tawny to a Push Pop. Not exactly what I want her eating, but still so sweet. He shared the entire thing with her.



Bethanne said...

That is so exciting about the walking...I LOVE when they walk.

Oh, and that top picture is classic. Seriously, I'd probably play with it a bit and then blow it up to frame it. :)

Sorry about the dried-up problem...it happened to my sister too, although not QUITE as fast. Are you sure she got anything from the feeding in the morning? Like, did she suck (and so you thought she was eating well) but it really wasn't as productive as it could've been? I'm so sorry! Good luck with the formula issue...Leah wouldn't do anything BUT breastfeed from the source. Jax didn't want to breastfeed if his life depended on it. Hopefully she is trying harder not (out of starvation!)

Melissa said...

Look at her go!! You are in TROUBLE NOW!! :D