Thursday, June 19, 2008


Greg is still gone for work, but he was able to make it to my brother's reception this weekend. It was so great to see him! The kids really enjoyed having him around too, of course. We're finally back home after all our travels. I've been trying to fill my days with lots of playdates for me and the kids. Yesterday we went over to Colt and Melissa's house and Brayden had so much fun, as you can see by the pics farther down. There's also a video of them playing. Not great, but it's cute. They're jumping off a ledge that is a decent distance above the pool. What is really funny about it is that usually Colt is the daredevil and Brayden is the cautious voice of reason. Not this time. Brayden just ran up to the edge and jumped and high and as far as he could. Colt on the other hand, took a few minutes to warm up to the idea. It was just really funny to see the role reversal.

Anyways, we're still holding out okay with Greg gone. Brayden is going through a little bit of a defiant, independent stage. I think part of it is because Greg is gone, but I think most of it is just because he feels like doing it. Every so often I look at him and I can't figure out what happened to my sweet, calm little boy. Don't get me wrong. For the vast majority of the time he is great. But recently he's started doing things purely because I ask him not to. He's totally testing his boundaries, and I don't like it! He's also re-entered the "why" stage. I thought we had already gone through that one. But this time around seems even worse than the last time. I think it's because he's smart enough now to realize I don't always answer the questions he's asking. But if I did, I would spend my entire day explaining the most random things. As it is, I feel it takes up the vast majority of my time. It's always worse when I am trying to talk to someone else, either in person or on the phone. I guess he wants to have my attention at all times. Lucky me...

Steven dancing with Tawny

Brayden and his cousin Cadence (this was really adorable and went on for some time)
Tawny helping her daddy drive

Brayden and Colt

Best Buds

Such a daredevil (it was much higher than it looks in the pic)

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Bethanne said...

Cute pictures as always!

Good luck with Brayden's defiance. Although it is "normal", it doesn't make it any easier as a parent. We thought we were in the clear with Leah because she was such a well-mannered and obedient child. We made it through the 2s, no problem. And then age 3 hit. And, wow.

With Jax? Any time you tell him not to do something, with the biggest grin on his face he'll do it right in front of you. While he is cute now, I can't imagine that that personality characteristic is gonna still be cute in a couple of years!