Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedding #2 Jason and Tawny

The day after we got back from Washington Tawny and I flew to Florida for Tawny and Jason's wedding. Are you noticing a theme here? Weddings and Tawnys seemed to be the theme for August. We met up with Linda and Kadence in Phoenix for the flight. When we got to Florida we had to ride a tram to baggage claim and the girls thought it was so awesome that they got to ride a "train".

We shared a hotel room with kadence and Linda. We bought a bunch of food from the grocery store to help keep the cost down. Being the nice mommy I am, I bought Tawny pudding cups, but no spoons. She improvised quite well.
On Thursday we went and all got mani/pedi's. It was Tawny's first time and she loved it.

This is at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. It was so great to spend a few days with my best friend. I haven't had that luxury in a long time.

At the bachelorette party the night before there were so many mosquitos and Tawny got ate up. So she pretty much bathed in lotion to get them to go away before her wedding. Who wants to talk down the aisle with red mosquito bites everywhere? Luckily you could hardly see most of them by Friday.

Little Tawny being cute

We all got our ahir done together before the wedding

It was right during Tawny's nap time and she fell dead asleep. So I had to hold her head up the entire time.

But she woke up refreshed and ready to have a great time.

A few really quick shots of Tawny in her flower girl dress. I didn't have much time since I was a bridesmaid and had tons of last minute things to do.

So adorable!

This is where everything gets interesting. Tawny hadn't been nervous to walk down the aisle at all. She was super excited to toss out her flowers and wear her pretty dress. The ring bearer was having a hard time so his mom insisted that Tawny had to hold hands (not every nicely I might add). Tawny was fine until the boys took off running half way down the aisle and lef ther there alone, right efter she had been told they HAD to hold hands. So she did what any self respecting four year old would do. She tossed her flower basket into the congregation and started screaming. I had to walk back up the aisle, pick her up and take her to her seat. It wasn't exactly how he had planned it but Big Tawny (my friend) didn't mind at all. She actually thought it was kinda hilarious. So if she's good, then I'm good. My Tawny got over it super quick and had a great night at the reception. Because I was in the wedding I have no pictures of the actual ceremony or the reception afterward. But take my word for it that Big Tawny was gorgeous and it was a wonderful night.

Tawny's birthday was the same day as the wedding so we didn't get to do much. But Kadence did get her a gift, which really made Tawny's day.

On Saturday we went back over to Jason's moms house to spend a little more time with Tawny. They had rented a HUGE waterslide. I hve no idea how tall it was, but it was taller than their house, and they didn't have a small house. It was so much fun!

After that Linda, Kadence, Tawny and me headed back to Orlando where we ate dinner, and hung out in the hotel.

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