Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to Flagstaff Again

The drive from New Mexico was way to far for me to do alone so we stopped in Flagstaff again for a few days. Tawny really enjoyed cleaning Grandma Wanda's house. She washed the table, the cupboards, the stove and finished up with helping Grandma do the dishes. It was so cute!

Since it was the kids favorite thing, we went back to the train station. It's amazing how much they loved watching the trains go by. I didn't even have to ask for these smiles. They were just so excited!

Maddie was very concerned with the noise the whole time, but didn't cry at all.

Thank you Grandma Wanda for letting us visit and spend so much time with you. They kids really loved it and are still talking about all the fun things we did. They ask every day or two when we are going back. I'm not sure I can handle the traveling alone again any time soon! They were mostly very good, but we had a few incidents. The worst was on the way home from Flagstaff. I stopped on an on ramp to feed Maddie between  Phoenix and Blythe. Well, it was hot and she was so tired of being in the car that she didn't really want to cooperate. While I was changing her diaper Tawny says she has to pee urgently. I couldn't leave Maddie so I told Tawny to just pee on the side of the road by herself (she usually needs help when there isn't a toilet, so I already know this is going to end badly). As she is getting out of the car Brayden decides to push her. He pushed her so hard that she flew a few feet from the car. The biggest problem is that there was a pretty steep incline by the side of this on ramp and Tawny tumbled all the way down it into the bushes at the bottom. She still has to pee so ends up needing a change of clothes. Maddie is screaming because I had to abandon her on the floorboard of the car (which wasn't clean at all) to go help Tawny up the embankment. As I get to the top I hear Ethan screaming because he had tore the bottom off his Styrofoam cup that still had a good amount of Icee in it.  Luckily we were already on our way home when this happened or I might have cut the trip short!

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