Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Princess Tawny

Tawny turned 5 a few weeks ago and had an awesome birthday! She wanted to have a Pedis by Pool with everything pink. So that's exactly what we did. Pink banners, pink cake, pink favors, pink everything.

Her cake had pink fondant ruffles with zebra stripes in the inside. She really really loved her cake. She stood looking at it forever before her party started. It was well worth the time it took me to do it.

 The girls all got pedicures from Amber and my mom. There was definitely a lot of pink and sparkles over here too.

All of her friends know her so well. She loved every single thing she got.

For the party favors Tawny and I made little pink purses. Tawny picked out the fabric and helped me sew them. We filled them with tiaras, ring pops, and other candy jewelry. All the girls really seemed to like them.
Maddie got to swim for the first time after Tawny's party. She didn't cry, but didn't seem super impressed either.

 Even Brayden wanted to get in on the princess fun!

The next day was Tawny's actual birthday and we did all the family presents then. She mostly got things for school; clothes, shoes, backpack and lunchbox. Of course, most of those were pink, and all of them sparkled. She also got a princess necklace from Grandma Hebdon that she really loves.

 The kids finished out the night by giving Papa lots of love and attention. Doesn't it look like he's having fun?

I can't believe Tawny is already 5. She is such a responsible and caring little girl. She is able to find joy in everything and wants everyone else to be happy too. Some favorite memories:

  • Brayden and her were playing the color game in the pool when Brayden exclaimed "Tawny, sparkle is NOT a color". Maybe not, but it is to her.
  • She still says a few words wrong, like pacifier. She says "fa-ci-pier" instead
  • She loves making lunch for her and Ethan.
  • She paints her own fingernails and toenails. And yes, it looks about how you would expect. But she is so proud of herself that I don't have the heart to fix it.
  • She loves church. every single thing about it.
Happy Birthday Princess. We love you!

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stevenjared0853 said...

So chic photos from Princess Tawny’s birthday. The decorations as well as the cake deign is looking great. Really wonderful job has been done in this bash. Now I will also try to throw such a grand party for my son’s upcoming birthday at one of his favorite LA venues. Thanks for the inspirations!