Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday E-Rex

Ethan's birthday was three days after Tawny's. It was a busy week! We did a family party for Ethan. I let Brayden and Tawny frost and decorate Ethan's cake. They had tons of fun and Ethan liked it.

He liked opening presents once he realized there were new toys inside just for him.

This is his new camera cheesey smile. i kinda really love it.

 His favorite part of all was his "bir-bay cake". He loved blowing out the candles (which we did over and over) and loved eating it even more. It's been a few weeks and he is still talking about his "bir-bay cake".
 There's that cheesey smile again.

Things about Ethan:

  • his new favorite phrase is "you're mean _____" (add whoever he's talking to). Make sure you read it with a super accusatory voice.
  • He know nearly all his colors and a lot of his shapes
  • He loves books and will sit down and "read" them by himself (he picks one word and says it over and over)
  • He LOVES to sing. His favorite songs for the moment are, "popcorn popping", "ABC's", "Twinkle twinkle little star", and "Wheels on the Bus" complete with hand motions. (Twinkle is said "tween-do")
  • He also loves his baby sister and always talks to her in this high pitched "baby"voice. Which is really weird because neither Greg or I do that voice. But he does and it's so cute. Sometimes he loves her a little too much
  • He speaks really well. It's made life so much simpler because I know what he wants now. I can't always say yes, but at least I know what he is saying.
  • He. is. loud. He's definitely all boy. The nickname E-Rex fits him so well because he is destructive and noisy. But he's our little dinosaur and we love him!
  • He calls Maddie's pacifier a "maddie-fire"
  • He loves the water and would spend the whole day in the pool if we let him
  • He's started to correct himself when he catches himself saying a word wrong. recently it's been adding a "s" on the end, especially with "yes". Sometimes he'll say it a few times until he gets it right.

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