Friday, August 10, 2012

Flagstaff Part 1

Me and the kids took a trip up to see Grandma Wanda in Flagstaff. The weather so nice and we had so much fun with her. We went to a lot of different parks, which the kids loved, especially Ethan.

 Maddie wasn't quite as impressed, but was still really good. She turned two months old while we were there (she's two months in this photo).
 We tried to have a picnic one day at the park, but we got rained out. Luckily, they had a covered picnic area. It rained nearly every day we were there.

 Grandma Wanda took Tawny for a pedicure and manicure for her birthday. Tawny thought it was so awesome and didn't stop smiling the entire time. She picked bright blue with white flowers.

 We also played a lot of games. Grandma taught the kids how to play mexican train. They had a great time, especially Brayden.

 There's a train station right in the middle of Flagstaff and over 60 trains go through there every day. So we sat and watched a few trains go through. Ethan was a little unsure at first because of the noise, but quickly got over that fear.

 Another day we took the kids to Bearizona, a drive through wildlife park. It was awesome because we got to see the animals up close, even better because my animals were contained inside the car. Our favorite animals were the bison and the bears. They also had a zoo you could walk through at the end. I tried to get a picture of the kids by the bear statue, but Ethan would not have anything to do with it. Even as I'm typing he's point at the bear and saying "no, no, no". silly boy!

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