Monday, September 1, 2008

Family Fun

We've had so much fun recently. Greg's family came to visit last weekend and my mom flew up to see us this weekend. Somehow I didn't take hardly any pictures while they were here, but we all had so much fun.
Brayden and Tawny with my mom

We all finger painted the other day. It was Tawny's first time and after the initial hesitation she really loved it. That is, until she noticed the paint wouldn't come off her hand.

We also went on a walk today, which we've been doing quite a bit lately. Brayden rides his bike and Greg pulls Tawny in the wagon.

So Handsome!

In this pic Tawny is saying "It's coooold", which is her new favorite phrase (She's right. It is cold.) She makes the funniest face when she says it.

Random pic, but I love it 'cause he's trying to help and she just wants to get away. That seems to be how about 75% of the day goes

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Melissa said...

Okay... you people are wearing JACKETS! That is so weird... how are you adjusting to the chill of Utah? My parents (in Idaho) are supposed to get a nice heavy frost in the next few days... Stay warm!!