Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our House

I've had a few people ask for pics of our new house. I thought I'd wait until I get the house put together before I did that. But it's looking like that will never happen. So here it is. It has 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms and is huge compared to anything we've lived in up to this point. It also has a storage room attached to the back of the garage, so I don't have to have piles of stuff in the corners of my bedroom. Yea!
It's a nice split level with a great backyard (not shown)

Living Room

Dining Room. We finally don't have carpet under our kitchen table. Woo-Hoo!

Kitchen. I'm not completely sold on the green countertops, but it's a decent size and pretty functional

Tawny's Room- I need to do something about the blue wall

Tawny's Room again. I couldn't get it all in one shot

My Room (and Greg's too, I guess)

So the kid's bathroom has a monkey theme, and it's actually my favorite room in the house. But I couldn't figure a way to get a decent picture of it. So you get just the artwork (which I painted)

All of that is upstairs. Downstairs is Brayden's room, the playroom,a bathroom and my office. The playroom is the only room I felt like posting. Minus the orange carpet, I love it. It's huge and full of toys and the kids love spending time down there.


Melissa said...

It looks awesome!! The rooms look huge and I love the kitchen!
And who knew that there were people out there SMART ENOUGH not to put carpet in the DINING ROOM!!!

Monica, Josh, and Keegan said...

oh you are so lucky, but do i have to move to Utah to get a house like that? your kids are getting so big.