Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rodeo, Rashes & Silly Faces

Last thursday we decided to go to the state fair. I was hesitant, but I thought the kids would have fun so we went. And I'm so glad we did! Brayden and Tawny had so much fun. The animals were a big hit, as was the fair food for Tawny and the lemonade for Brayden (it was the only thing I could find that I was sure he could have.) They had this little mini-farm set up for kids where they could go and milk a cow, plant veggies, dig up veggies, and a bunch at the other stuff. At the end the kids sell their "harvest" at the farmers market. They even gave Brayden and Tawny fake money that they could use to buy a treat in the "general store". It was so cute and Brayden really loved it.

Later that evening we went to the rodeo, which may have been their favorite part. To start off with, there were sky divers. Brayden really loved that. I think Tawny's favorite part was the music. She was even dancing and singing along. The thing that really suprised me is that Brayden really wanted to particpate in the mutton bustin'. He saw the other kids out there and was mad that we hadn't signed him up. I guess we'll let him do it next time, if he really wants.

Waiting for it to start
About half-way through the rodeo, we noticed that Tawny looked a little flushed. She had a fever earlier in the week, and I thought it might be coming back. Instead, by the time we got home she looked like this:

The pictures really don't do it justice. She had this awful rash everywhere (if you click on the pic to enlarge it you can see the rash). I took her to the doctor the next day and they just said she had some kind of viral infection, possibly roseola, but there was no way to tell what exactly it was. But it's contagious so we should keep her home. That would have been useful information the day before. So we probably infected tons of people at the fair, but I had no idea she was even still sick. She's fine now. Brayden had a much milder version of it, just a real low grade fever and two or three spots.

In lighter news, Brayden is learning the joy of making faces, especially at inappropriate times (ie at the Bishop during the sacrament). He insisted on putting them on here so grandma could see all the "really tricky and cool" faces he can make. Here's just a few of his favorites:

I think the last is my favorite.


Melissa said...

We've never taken the kids to a rodeo... well, except the one that Jake participated in, but I'm not sure that really counts. The kids farmers market sounds so fun! I miss having a fair in the fall. It's what I grew up with... it's what makes sense in my brain :)

Poor Tawny!! I'm glad she's better now... :S

Ferguson Family said...

Tyler had roseola at about one year. The nurse told me once the rash hit that it would start to get better and that its not contagious once they hit the rash stage. Just thought you might want to know. Also, they can only ever get it once like the chicken pox and then they'll never get it again.

Bethanne said...

Fair sounded cool...glad that you guys got to go. Although roseola couldn't have been very fun! Sad. :(

Love the faces too. Brayden is quite the character, isn't he!