Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Craft Projects

I did quite a few craft projects over the holidays that I think turned out pretty cute. For friends and family this year I made personalized kitchen towels. Most had the family's name and the couples anniversary or kids' names on them. All packaged up they looked like this.
This one was done for Grandma Idris. I used Citrasolv to transfer an image printed on a laser machine onto fabric. It was super easy and they turned out pretty cute.
For other family and friends I did brownies in a jar, which I thought also turned out really cute. And most importantly, super tasty.
I made a few art books for Christmas gifts this year. Brayden got one, as well as a few cousins (Tyler, Auger and Jordan). The applique of the names was a bit challenging for me, but turned out okay.
I also made super cute pettiskirts for the girls (Ackleigh and Jordan). They're pretty easy, but time consuming. But so cute I think they're worth it. The one below is Ackleigh's. I didn't get a picture of Jordan's but she loved it. As soon as she opened it she wore it the rest of Christmas day and quite a few times in the days that followed. I'm so glad she loves it!

Finally a few quick birthday gifts for a friend's daughter that just turned one. A little ruffled skirt that I intentionally made short enough for her to crawl in. My mom said it looks like a miniskirt, but I meant for it to be paired with leggings. It's adorable on her.

An A-line dress. I made it in my head without a pattern so I had to try it on Ethan to make sure the proportions were right. He didn't seem to mind!

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