Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Farm Fun

We've spent a lot of time out at my dad's farm this month. Brayden and Tawny got to ride with daddy for a while on a new tractor. Notice Tawny's outfit and matching bear outfit. I told them to go upstairs and put farm play clothes on. Tawny came down in that dress and said ,"I know it's a dress, but farmers don't have to wear dirty icky clothes all the time. I can be a farmer and be cute too. Oh, and Lizzie wanted to come too." Lizzie is her bear. So they went to work in cute farm clothes. She's just so funny.

Lizzie even had a special seat in the tractor
Our two mama cows had babies a few weeks ago and Tawny wanted to pet them. So what did Papa do? He went and caught it of course. He's such an awesome papa and my kids love him so much. I'm so grateful that they live close enough to have a good relationship with him. He's such an influential part of my life and I want my kids to have that same experience.

This is one of my favorite pictures. It captures so much of my dad, especially when you know that context of why he's doing it.

Ethan loved the little cow until the mama cow started mooing. He completely freaked out and wouldn't go back in the corral.

Brayden actually did pet the calf, but was so quick I didn't get a picture of it. I think it's mostly because of his allergies, but he's very wary around animals. I think he just hasn't had enough experience. Hopefully now that he's older and his allergies aren't so bad we can start to work on that.

Another random picture of Ethan. This is his first ice cream sundae complete with sprinkles and whipped cream. I'm pretty sure he was in heaven. He loved every last bit of it.

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