Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Both Brayden and Tawny are playing soccer this year and having so much fun! They are in separate leagues so their games and practices are all at different times in different places. It's made it pretty interesting to fit it all into our schedule, but we've made it work with the helps of some friends.

Ready for their first game

Brayden is really getting into it this year. It's definitely a lot more physical than last year. Last game he jammed his thumb pretty bad. But is loving it and doing really well.

Tawny is pretty clueless but is so cute to watch. Once she steps on the field she starts smiling and it pretty much never leaves. At least she always kicks the ball the right way. Her main concern before her first game was that she didn't have a green hair thing to match her uniform. Luckily I know my little girl and had made a quick hair bow the night before. So she was super happy.
Ethan's pretty good at the games and he loves to play in the goals afterwards. Such a cutie!

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